Can CBD Help In Treating Allergies In Cats?

CBD For Allergies
CBD For Allergies
CBD For Allergies
CBD For Allergies

Skin and food allergies are very common in cats as they are in humans. If your cats are suffering from allergies, it is very important to take them to a vet. Most allergies in cats are caused by hypersensitivity in the immune system. Symptoms of allergies in cats include coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, swollen paws, throat inflammation, watery eyes, ear infection, etc.

Some of the common allergies that are often observed in cats are flea bite allergy, food allergies, and atopy. The most common allergy among these might be flea bite allergy. A tiny bit of saliva will enter the cat’s skin when the fleas bite them. This saliva can lead to intense allergic reactions and cause severe itching around the bite.

When you feed red meat, soy, gluten, corn, etc. to your cats, it may increase the risk of developing food allergies. Like flea bites, food allergies can also cause intense itching and scratching. Diarrhea and vomiting are also common symptoms of food allergies. Atopy is a type of skin allergy very common among cats. It is mainly caused when they inhale allergens like pollen and other particles from weeds, trees, grass, etc.

CBD For Allergies In Cats

Most of the medications that are available for treating allergies in cats may cause side effects. That is why cat owners are turning towards CBD for alleviating their cats’ allergies. CBD is the main active cannabinoid compound present in the hemp plant and it has several therapeutic properties. Let’s take a look at how CBD helps in managing allergies in cats.

Alleviates Inflammation Associated With Allergies

Many studies have shown that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial in reducing inflammation associated with allergies. Skin allergies can cause intense itching and scratching, and it will lead to skin inflammation and irritation. Giving CBD to cats may help in alleviating the inflammation and provide them relief from skin allergies.

Regulates Immune Function

We have already discussed that allergies can be caused by hyperactivity of the immune system. According to some of the recent studies, CBD could help in regulating the immune system and reduce hyperactivity. This will be very beneficial for atopy in cats.

Has Antimicrobial Properties

Since CBD possesses antimicrobial properties, many vets are recommending it for managing allergies in cats. CBD’s antimicrobial properties may help in fighting off the microbes that can cause allergic reactions in humans as well as animals. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can also help in reducing the inflammation caused by these microbes.