Things To Know About CBD For Cats

CBD For Cats
CBD For Cats
CBD For Cats
CBD For Cats

Cannabidiol has properties that can reduce the symptoms of certain health conditions, even those specific to cats. This is why there are products with CBD for cats in the market. Cannabidiol may ease the issues of your feline friend, but this does not mean that you should give it to the animal in whatever quantity or whichever way you want. There are some rules to follow when administering CBD to cats. Here is a list of the things to remember.

The Basics Of Cannabidiol

Cannabis has many different phytocannabinoids, including cannabidiol. CBD is not mind-altering, but you should still use it carefully. When given in higher dosages, CBD is likely to cause certain adverse effects on animals.

Besides, you should not think of cannabidiol as a ‘cure-all’ drug. This means you should not just stock up on an item described as ‘CBD for pets’ thinking that it will treat any health issue of your cat.

Always Ask Your Veterinarian Before Giving Your Cat Anything New

Cannabidiol is usually considered a safe and non-psychoactive compound with negligible side effects. Just because it is safe for one animal, does not mean that it cannot have a negative effect on another.

Besides, if you presently give your cat any form of medication, you should think twice about giving CBD. Why? Because CBD can interact with standard medication, which is likely to cause adverse effects on the cat. Therefore, you should see a veterinarian find whether it is safe to make CBD part of the life of your cat. Think of giving your cat CBD only if that medical professional approves the same.

Studies On CBD For Cats Are Limited

Cannabidiol can help to manage inflammation and pain, but many cats experience mood- and behavior-related issues. Anxiety and stress are common in animals with inflammation and pain. Cannabidiol is thought to have an anxiety-reducing effect on not just individuals but also animals.

That said, there exists no solid piece of evidence that CBD is effective in treating cats’ mental health issues. There are very few clinical studies on CBD for cats that show how it can and cannot affect cats. Conversely, what we presently have is the anecdotal evidence that it is efficacious in treating health issues in cats.