All You Want To Know About CO2 Extraction For CBD

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CBD Extraction

A variety of CBD extraction methods are used for extracting this compound from the hemp plant. One of the major techniques that are used by a large number of reputed companies in the CO2 extraction method. Even though there are many other methods for extracting CBD, the CO2 method is considered the most effective method, as it provides high-quality CBD oil without altering its properties. Some other methods that use heat and other solvents may contaminate the oil and change its properties. Hence, the CO2 method is the most preferred method for extracting CBD.

When you buy a CBD product, you have to check its label for making sure that the CBD oil used in it is extracted using the CO2 extraction method for ensuring its quality and safety. Through this article, we include some of the important information you want to know about this efficient CBD extraction method.

What Is the CO2 Extraction Method?

The CO2 extraction method uses pressurized CO2 for extracting all the cannabinoids along with other plant materials. Hence, this process retrieves cannabinoids, essential waxes, terpenes, etc. from the plant. The oil thus formed will have an amber color and you can use this as a tincture and also for vaporizing. This oil can be added for making other CBD products too.

Carbon dioxide will act as a solvent at a specific temperature and pressure. But it does not create any dangers that are associated with other solvents. Hence, the CO2 extraction method will give you high-quality oil with no toxic by-products.

Steps Involved In CO2 Extraction

The process involves a special apparatus that is designed for extracting CBD from the plant material. The apparatus has a chamber for holding CO2 and there will be another chamber for the plant materials. CO2 will be subjected to high pressure and low temperature in this chamber. This will convert the gas into the fluid.

This pressurized CO2 will be then passed through the chamber that contains plant materials. It will extract the oil from the plant and the extract will be collected in a vessel where the CO2 will be removed from the mixture leaving behind the CBD oil.

Advantages Of CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction will produce high-quality CBD oil. Moreover, it will contain all the cannabinoids and other plant materials present in the hemp which will increase the medicinal properties of CBD oil. When all these compounds are present together they create an effect called the “entourage effect”, where the presence of different compounds results in the enhancement of each other’s properties. Hence, you will get extra benefits when you use CBD oil that is extracted using the CO2 method.