Why Should You Try CBD Wines?

Benefits Of CBD Isolates
Benefits Of CBD Isolates
CBD Infused Wine
CBD Infused Wine

CBD is being added to everything from gummies to ice creams. How can we not infuse it into a classic drink like wine? In fact, the US is the largest consumer of wine at an annual rate of 4.3 billion bottles per year. Imagine the number of people consuming wine every day. There is a reason behind this number- wine is not only healthy but also has enough alcohol in it to make the drink fun. Moreover, it is classy. So classy that there is even a unique way to drink it. Not to mention the effort and time taken to make a bottle of wine. Altogether, wine is an important drink. Therefore, the idea of making it healthier is appealing. Hence, we have CBD wines.

Why Have CBD Infused Wine?

The benefits of infusing CBD to wine are many. Just like how CBD reduces the alcohol content in alcoholic drinks, it does the same in wine. Not only does the amount of alcohol decrease, but CBD wine also exerts a lesser burden on other organs like the liver.

Let’s look at the top 5 CBD infused wines available in the country.

Canna Vines

If you are into a variety of wines, you should have heard about the famous CBD wine manufacturers Canna Vines. Their products are now available only in California. Their flagship products are- Canna Vines Red Blend x Headband, Canna Vines Chardonnay x Sour Diesel, and Canna Vines Rose x  Grand Daddy Purple.

Headband is a strain of cannabis that is famous for its pain-reducing and citrusy taste. The first type of the Canna Vine, as you might have already guessed, uses CBD extracted from headband.

The second type of wine brightens your mood and relieves stress. The third contains CBD derived from the Grand Daddy Purple strain which helps with stress and anxiety.

Rebel Coast Wineries

The Rebel Coast Wineries is based in California because of its views on recreational marijuana. The brand is known for its unique and extraordinary mixture of THC with other flavors. Each bottle of CBD wine contains 20 milligrams of THC which is enough to give users the “high” effect and relaxation. Currently, their products are available only to Californian residents.

Greenway Wines

Even though their wines are sold only in California, it is difficult to find these wines. They are preordered and the wait after that is long. The brand sees to it that the bottles have the strain of CBD mentioned around its neck.

CBD Vines Wines

There is something that makes this brand different from others. CBD Vines Wines contain very low THC, unlike the other brands. You will not experience the euphoria that accompanies the intake of THC.