How To Store CBD Oil?

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Store CBD Oil
Store CBD Oil

CBD has been hitting the US markets after the government decided to legalize it in 2018. Before the US Farm Bill came into effect, CBD belonged to a legally grey area, as it was regarded as a schedule I drug. However, CBD products have to comply with the specific regulations set by US law in order to be regarded as legal. To earn legal status, CBD products have to be sourced from hemp plants and not simply from any cannabis plant. In addition, its THC content should not be greater than 0.3%.

The central topic of discussion in this article is going to be the guidelines for storing CBD pure hemp oil.

How To Store CBD Oil Properly?

Research has suggested that exposure to light can damage the cannabinoids in CBD oil. The breakdown of CBD on being exposed to light reduces the potency of CBD oil. This is reason enough for CBD oils coming in dark-colored bottles. It is advisable that you store the CBD oil away from light. Do not keep it near windows. If you want to transfer CBD oil to another bottle, make sure that the new bottle is not transparent.

Store CBD oil in airtight containers to ensure that moist air cannot damage the cannabinoids in the CBD oil.  After you use the bottle, put back the bottle cap immediately and seal it tight.

Although it is not mentioned as a necessity, you may store CBD oil in a refrigerator.

What Happens To CBD Oil Kept In The Freezer?

CBD oils last longer when they are stored in cool locations meaning that you may store it in the refrigerator if needed, especially if you are going to use them for the maximum possible period. Most of the CBD oils last for at least a month, and by this time the bottle will be empty if you are a regular user. Hence it is unnecessary to refrigerate CBD oils in most cases.

When you freeze CBD oil, it may turn thick and cloudy. If the CBD oil is not kept out of the freezer at least for a short period, dispensing it might become difficult. We recommend you refrigerate CBD oil only if you are not going to use it for long.

Taking adequate care in the storage of CBD oil prolongs its shelf life and maintains its potency at the highest possible levels.