Safety Concerns Associated With Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis Extraction
Cannabis Extraction
Cannabis Extraction
Cannabis Extraction

To make CBD products, the beneficial compounds in source cannabis plants have to be extracted first. When it comes to extracting cannabis compounds, there are several options including CO2 extraction, ethanol extraction, and more.

In this article, we focus on the safety concerns associated with cannabis extraction.

CO2 Exposure

The risk is specific to CO2 extraction. The solvent used in the process is CO2 and in case there is a leakage, it could be dangerous. To avoid the risk, prevent the release of the gas by any chance by piping all the emergency relief valves to the exterior of the building.

CO2 extractions have to be conducted inside a room with proper ventilation. Also, install a CO2 concentration monitor that gives enough time to the operators to take the right evasive measures in the event of a leakage.


When flammable liquids or gases are used in the extraction process, there is a risk of fire and explosion. Eliminating any ignition sources from the extraction site is the best way to avoid the risk of fire or explosion.

Keep a lower explosive limit (LEL) monitor at the extraction site to detect the presence of flammable vapors that go unnoticed.

Hearing Loss

The risk is mostly overlooked. When the extraction machines are running, the operators standing close are exposed to a high level of noise. Mitigating the risk of hearing loss, in this case, is easy. Use noise-canceling earplugs, earmuffs, and hearing bands while inside the extraction site.

Exposure To Harmful Vapors

Solvents like isopropyl alcohol, heptanes, or ethanol used in cannabis extraction could produce harmful vapors that affect the health of the operators adversely if overexposed. An effective ventilation system should be in place to get rid of the vapors from the operation area.

Cannabis Dust

The risk is often overlooked but it is serious. Exposure to small particles in the extraction facility for the long term can have several adverse impacts on the health of the operators. Install a failsafe point-source ventilation system to get rid of excess air particles in the extraction area.

Cannabis extraction is a process that demands proper care to ensure the quality of the extract as well as the safety of the employees at the extraction center. Reputed CBD manufacturers mostly go for extraction methods like CO2 extraction, considering the purity of the extract it guarantees.