Comparison Between CBD Bath Bombs And Other Topical Products

There are so many topical products infused with CBD available in the market. Some of them are for the treatment of pain and inflammation, while others are used for pure cosmetic purposes. The effectiveness of CBD in repairing damaged skin has made it very popular among people. However, there are some bath products like CBD bath bombs, salts, shampoos, etc. are available in the market. Among those products, the CBD bath bombs are very common and it is referred as a complete skin repairing product. The unique features that make bath bomb different from other CBD topical products are as follows.

Basis of Difference CBD Bath Bomb CBD Topical Products
Method of application Infused through warm bath Applied topically of target area
Bioavailability High Comparatively low
Benefits Full body treatment Treatment on a particular area

Method Of Application

CBD bath bombs are normally used while taking a hot bath. The first step before for the usage of bath bomb is to fill the tub with warm water. Later he or she can put the bomb into the water, and it will automatically mix with the water in the tub with a fizzy noise. When the bomb is fully dissolved, the user can themselves dip into the tub for a relaxing medicinal bath. A bath bomb will help in cleaning the body and also in providing the benefits of CBD to the user.

 Other CBD topical like salves, creams and lotions are applied to the body of the user just like applying normal topical products. The user will have to clean the hands and also the target area where the product is to be applied. Later, he or she can apply the product. It is better to rub the surface thoroughly because it will increase the blood flow thus helps in faster absorption of CBD.


It is the rate at which or the amount of CBD that gets into the bloodstreams of the user. When a person is having a hot bath, his or her pores in the skin will get opened. Therefore, if someone is taking a bath in tub filled with warm water infused with CBD, the bloodstreams will absorb more CBD through the pores in the skin. Some elements like Epsom salt and other essential oils present in CBD bath bombs will increase its bioavailability.

Normal CBD topical products are applied to the dry skin. Thus the pores in the skin will be close and lead to lesser bioavailability. Even if other ingredients present in CBD creams and lotions help in surpassing the top layer, it will get stuck at the inner lining or the protective layer of the skin. Hence only a small proportion of the total CBD applied on the skin will get into blood of the user. Even if heating the surface by rubbing hands and massaging is effective in the absorption rate, it will comparatively lesser than bath bombs.


If a person is so tired from work, or a long journey, CBD bath bomb infused tub is the best remedy for his or her complete body relaxation. As we all know, CBD is effective in reducing the blood pressure and stimulating the heartbeat. If a person soaks himself in a CBD infused tub, the substance will enter their body and help in controlling the blood flow. It is also effective in the relaxation of muscles. Moreover, it is effective in cleaning the body and also in repairing the skin problems like rashes, dryness and acne. It will also help in managing the pain. In short, it is effective in the treatment of the body as a whole.

All the above mentioned benefits can be provided by any form of CBD but there are some limitations to topical products. Firstly, it is applied only to a specified area, thus it will not result in complete body relaxation. Secondly, most of the CBD topical products are emerging to cure a particular condition, thus, the user cannot expect more from the same. However, it is an effective medicine to cure skin damages and diseases like psoriasis. There are also many CBD balms and salves available in the market to cure chronic pain and reducing inflammation. In short, it is effective in the treatment of a disease on a particular area of the body.

CBD bath bombs and other topical products are derived from the same plant. However, its method of production and application is what makes them different. If a person needs a whole body treatment, it is better to take a bath in CBD infused water. However, if someone is having any pain or inflammation or skin damage on a particular area, using CBD topical creams and salves would be ideal.