What Is The Difference Between Hemp Oil And Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp Oil And Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp Oil And Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp Oil And Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp Oil And Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp and its derivatives made a revolution in the market after the therapeutic benefits of its cannabinoids like CBD were supported by scientific research. The findings encouraged the government to legalize hemp CBD, provided the cultivation of hemp and production of hemp-based products were compliant with a specific set of rules set forth by the US Farm Bill (2018).

Hemp oil and hemp seed oil are two hemp-based products. There is no denying that they are derived from the same source but that does not mean they are the same. The term hemp oil refers to CBD oil and hemp seed oil refers to oil extracted from the seeds of hemp. They are not the same. Before hemp CBD oil was legalized and it became a prominent market product, the term hemp oil indicated hempseed oil. However, the term is now exclusively used to indicate CBD oil.

In this article, we are making a comparison of hemp oil and hemp seed oil based on some crucial parameters.


Both hemp oil and hemp seed oil are obtained from hemp plants. But hemp seed oil is extracted from the plant’s seeds while hemp oil is extracted from its trichomes that are rich in CBD. Seeds of hemp hardly have any cannabinoids. Hemp seeds have high nutritional values and are used as a popular food supplement.

Method Of Manufacturing

Hemp oil/ CBD oil is manufactured by employing any suitable method of CBD oil extraction that includes CO2 extraction, extraction using solvents like butane, hexane, propane, or ethanol. Each of these methods differs in terms of the number of cannabinoids pulled out of hemp and the purity level of the final product.

Hemp seed oil is manufactured by cold pressing hemp seeds using a mechanical press to extract the oil out of the seeds.

Nutritional Value And Percentage Of Cannabinoids

CBD oil contains various cannabinoids including high levels of CBD. However, hemp seed oil does not have any cannabinoids, as hemp seeds are devoid of cannabinoid content.

Although hemp seed oil lacks cannabinoids, it is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as vitamin E, vitamin B2 and B6, and trace minerals.

Because of their different constituent compounds, hemp oil and hemp seed oil differ in terms of the benefits they offer. While hemp oil is primarily used as therapeutic, the hemp seed oil is used as a food supplement and skincare product.