CBD Fallacies That Many People Regard As Facts

Popular CBD Myths
Popular CBD Myths
Popular CBD Myths
Popular CBD Myths

With CBD’s use going up gradually, it is unsurprising that there are popular CBD myths in the market. As with other popular plants, cannabis’s medicinal properties are widely understood, whereas its effects are not. That can have adverse consequences, so we will debunk some popular CBD misconceptions.

It Is Still Not Legal

The NDPS Act of 1985 prohibits cannabis’s recreational use, but the law does not apply to its seeds and plants. If cannabidiol is sourced from cannabis leaves, then it would not be illegal.

It Gives A High Sensation

Cannabidiol oil made of industrial hemp can only have a small level of THC, so it cannot make you intoxicated. For your information, tetrahydrocannabinol is the most active cannabinoid in cannabis that offers the said sensation. As per a recent WHO study, cannabidiol does not have any potential for misuse or addiction.

It Is Also A Scam

The health and wellness industry aims to make profits, and cannabidiol can help it with that goal. Some producers add popular components to their cannabidiol goods unnecessarily with an eye on charging customers some extra bucks. Nevertheless, that does not mean that every CBD product is part of an elaborate marketing scam.

Research shows that cannabidiol has therapeutic effects. An Italian study from 2014 implies that it inhibits cancer cell growth in colon cancer patients. At the same time, a Brazilian study discovered that it could aid people in dealing with anxiety.

It Puts Users To Sleep Immediately

Cannabidiol’s effects can vary by person. It has minimal documented side effects, but some have felt tiredness and upset stomachs. Cannabidiol can have a relaxing impact on the user, but it will not make them sleep immediately after use.

Hemp Equals Marijuana

Marijuana is not only low in cannabidiol, but it is also high in tetrahydrocannabinol. On the other hand, hemp has a low amount of THC and a high quantity of cannabidiol. The above information itself shows that CBD’s origin plant, hemp, and marijuana are not the same.

How Long It Takes For Cannabidiol To Kick In

Cannabis’s effect may be instant, but it takes time for cannabidiol to start having an effect on consumers. Every person can experience its effects in a different time span from each other. Before using CBD, it is worth checking whether it can treat your health condition. Cannabidiol is similar to any other supplement in that it is no magic potion.