How Much CBD You Can Take?

Benefits Of CBD Paste
Benefits Of CBD Paste
Right CBD Dosage
Right CBD Dosage

The main reason for millions of people around the world using CBD products is the health benefits they offer. Many studies over the years have shown that CBD possesses many therapeutic properties that will help in the treatment of health disorders like stress, anxiety, depression, arthritis, migraines, insomnia, epilepsy, nausea, dementia, sciatica, etc.

Cannabidiol, or CBD in short, is one of the major cannabinoid compounds in the hemp and marijuana plants. CBD and the other cannabinoid compounds are very beneficial for your body in many ways. CBD is not a psychoactive cannabinoid compound and does not create any euphoric sensation like THC. However, you have to take precautions on how much CBD you take in a day.

If you are not taking the right amount of CBD, you won’t get the desired effects. Figuring out the right dosage of CBD is a bit difficult because the FDA has not yet regulated CBD and there are no recommended dosages of it.

How To Figure Out The Right CBD Dosage?

There are several factors that determine the right amount of CBD you have to take for getting the maximum therapeutic effects. The first major factor that determines the CBD dosage is your body weight. The body chemistry, the severity of the health condition, and the concentration of CBD in the product also determine how much CBD you have to take for alleviating the health condition.

It is impossible to figure out the right amount of CBD for you considering these variables. Therefore, it is better to consult a health expert to determine a safe dosage of CBD for consumption. A doctor can help you to figure out the right amount of CBD and even advise you about the possible side effects. Make sure to stick with the dosage recommended by the doctor.

If you are not in a situation to talk to a doctor about a safe dosage of CBD for consumption, it is better to start with a small dosage and gradually increase the same. You can start with about 20-40 mg of CBD oil in a day and continue this dosage for one week. If you are not seeing any improvement, increase the dosage by 5 mg and continue this until you start experiencing the desired effects.

Calculating The Right CBD Dosage

Calculating the right dosage of CBD for consumption is very difficult sometimes. Some CBD products like CBD gummies, CBD pills, CBD capsules, etc. come with pre-measured dosages and it is easier to calculate the amount of CBD to use. You can look at the label of these products and find out how much CBD is present in each CBD gummy or capsule.

Sublingual CBD products like CBD tinctures usually come with a dropper and the packaging of these products will mention how much CBD is present in each drop. You have to calculate how many drops of CBD tinctures you have to consume based on the dosage recommended by your doctor. A single bottle of CBD tincture is about 10 ml and may contain 200 drops. The amount of CBD in a 10 ml CBD tincture bottle is about 1000 mg, which means each drop has about 5 mg of CBD.

When it comes to topical CBD topical products like CBD creams, CBD lotions, and CBD balms, there is no recommended dosage for application. You can decide how much CBD cream of balm to apply to the affected region of your skin.

Side Effects Of CBD

A review of several studies has shown that the continuous use of CBD about 1,500 mg per day is well tolerated by the human body. A study conducted in the year 2017 confirmed this finding. However, a 2019 study on mice to find out the effects of CBD did raise some severe concerns about its interaction with other medications and possible liver damage.

If you are on some medications for your health conditions and still want to try CBD as a natural remedy, try to talk with your doctor before using it. Even though CBD is considered a safe compound for consumption, it may create some side effects.

Fatigue, dry mouth, diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss, etc. are some of the possible CBD side effects. However, most of the side effects may occur when you use CBD in higher doses. If you are using fake or low-quality CBD products, it may also create some severe side effects.

You have to make sure that the CBD oil product you are about to buy is of good quality and contains an adequate amount of CBD to impart its therapeutic effects. Do enough research on the internet and find out which are the reputable CBD brands in the market.

Do not forget to read the label of the CBD product and look at the list of ingredients before buying it. Make sure that the product does not contain any additional ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.